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Shop for Change Thrift Shop
With the best prices in town and new treasures every day, Shop for Change has clothing and household items perfect for shoppers on any budget. With all revenue benefiting PRISM's programs, you can shop with confidence that your purchase is making a difference locally. 
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Marketplace Food Shelf
More than 8,000 people a year get to shop with dignity for the healthy food they and their families enjoy. Providing participants with choice in a marketplace setting: it's a recipe for success all year long. Learn more.

Housing Programs
Affordable housing is a persistent and increasing need in the Twin Cities' suburban communities. Helping families maintain and obtain safe housing is a crucial step toward building long-term stability and empowering new possibilities. PRISM is here, meeting this need, because everyone deserves a place to call home. Learn more.

Children's Programs
When families experience financial difficulties, it is often the kids who are impacted the most. Through our Back to School Success Project, Holiday Toy Shoppe, and Birthday Gift Room, we're ensuring that important traditions are preserved so kids can enjoy being kids.
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