Community Partnerships

Faith Partners

Our 20 partner congregations express their faith in tangible ways through PRISM. This collaborative network meets regularly to share best practices, strengthen connections, set goals for engagement, and amplify the mission of PRISM in their communities. 

Hover to see these congregations and explore how your community of faith can join the Faith Partner Network. 

  • Bieber Family Foundation

  • Cities 97 Sampler Fund

  • Citizens Independent Bank

  • Calvary Lutheran Church

  • Clara Ruth Kaner Children's Fund

  • General Mills Foundation

  • Golden Valley Human Services Fund

  • Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches

Continued investment by local foundations and government entities plays a key role in PRISM's ability to meet the basic needs of thousands of people who are struggling in our community.

Their funding is critical for ensuring consistent operations, and helping to ensure we offer the highest-quality services with a tangible impact. Hover to see current funders who provided $1,000 or more in our most recently completed fiscal year.

  • Greater Twin Cities United Way

  • Kopp Family Foundation

  • Onan Family Foundation

  • Otto Bremer Trust

  • Paddock Family Foundation 

  • Peace Shalom Foundation

  • Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

  • Sit Investments Foundation

  • Social Enterprise Development Network

  • Stevens Square Foundation

  • Target 

  • Tennant Foundation

  • Toyota Foundation

And many more!


Every day, local businesses invest back in their community by partnering with PRISM. These strong relationships benefit their customers and employees, while reflecting a commitment to social responsibility that is so central to their mission. 


We know each company is different. That's why we provide many ways to engage. Hover to see some of our premiere partners, and discover how your company can join in the work of strengthening our community.  

And many more!


PRISM isn't the only amazing nonprofit impacting lives. We are proud to stand side-by-side with those who are dedicated to nurturing health and wholeness through tireless effort. We know that we are stronger when we collaborate, allowing the focus and talent of each organization to shine. 


Hover to celebrate these nonprofits who are making a difference alongside us as we empower our neighbors.

And many more!